Statement by Nikos Sarris, Paros Mayoral Candidate with KEPOSA

Paros, 25 February 2014

The decision of the Active Citizens Movement KEPOSA to choose me as the head of the ballot in the municipal elections in May honours me and gives me a heavy burden of responsibility, which I accept because our movement:

1-  means to collide with the practices that led to the generalized crisis and corruption, practices pursued at the top and that unfortunately disseminated to the bottom and were incorporated in every local community.

2- means to really operate in accordance with Direct Democracy principles, which takes audacity and ongoing pursuit.

Without any disposition to claim for titles and leadership behaviours, as a peer, I put myself first at the disposal and judgement of the movement and mainly to the Parian Society, and I urge in my turn all those who honestly and without self-interested intentions want to help the big challenge for a new era in our Island, to come on board with us.

In these troubled times, let’s get out of indifference and the comfort of our couch, leave misery behind, rediscover positive thinking and forge our own coherence, step by step.